LinkedIn Corporate Training

A strong corporate presence on LinkedIn includes having all of your employees engaged with well developed profiles. When they list your company as their employer, their image is attached to you.

Smart companies are training their employees on how to effectively build their LinkedIn profiles and how to engage with their network about the company to have consistent and accurate branding and messaging. Additionally, the more connected you are to your employees through LinkedIn, the easier it is to recognize morale issues and career development plans, to keep your employee base happy and productive.

The LinkedIn Ninja can come to you or train your staff online via webinar. Corporate training services include group training seminars, hands on workshops, and one-on-one training with executives and sales staff – or a combination of all three! We can customize the program and agenda to meet your needs.

Lastly, corporate/group discounts are available for popular online training systems such as the LinkedIn Ninja Black Belt for Sales training program.

Group Training

  • Training on topic of choice
  • Group/Company provides LCD projector/monitor and screen (if possible audio and internet connection provide for a more enhanced presentation)
  • Group/Company prints materials for attendees. Printing can be provided for additional cost.

* Does not include travel costs outside of local area.


Sales Team LinkedIn Training

  • 50 minute, one-on-one training sessions with each employee
  • Learn the tricks to get the most from your LinkedIn profile and strategies to reach your market.
  • Focus is on strategies to get in front of prospective clients and harvest tangible leads.
  • Review and comments of profile summary re-write if submitted within 2 weeks after meeting

* 4 employee minimum. Does not include travel costs outside of local area.